Emiru Ikuno


20 years old


April 23rd






Chapter 1


She's the main character's "weird" neighbour with whom she keeps a big secret that cannot be revealed to any of his school friends. It's because of her that Kido Tatsuhiko life has turned topsy-turvy, and it's from that secret that the story begins. She presents herself as a quiet and manipulative woman with a high sex drive, but most of this is a front to conceal her true feelings and her traumatic past. Despite her perverted nature, for most of the story's plot, she is a virgin.

Personality Edit

Emiru presents as being quiet and void of much emotion. However, she is very cunning, observant, and manipulative, being able to see through people's true motives and turn almost any situation to her favor. She also has a high sex drive, openly admitting she "masturbates quite a lot", especially when watching other people have sex, especially Kido in this plot. Despite her bizarre interests and behavior, much of this is a front to hide her true feelings and her traumatic past. She is in reality, afraid to let people get close to her and vice versa, so she doesn't hurt them. At her core, Emiru is kind and living a close life, the most special thing about this girl is that she always want to making rules and absolutely conserves it. She can see through a person by those and thanks to the honesty of Kido, she has interested in him kinda much...

Appearance Edit

She is light-skinned and has light brown hair just below her shoulders. She occasionally ties her hair in a ponytail style and has a fringe. Her eyes are also brown, however, they are darker than her hair. She is considered as a beautiful and pretty girl, with many boys complimenting her on her looks.